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BoBoPa is an online-based research cluster bringing together three research units—Bologna (Cogito), Bonn, and Padua—as well as some external units and members.

The idea is to create a friendly and productive research environment which combines a variety of different expertise, and where researchers and students can present their ideas, projects, and work-in-progress and get support and feedback.

At the moment three are the seminars organised under the aegis of the BoBoPa research cluster: (i) a weekly work-in-progress seminar (schedule); (ii) a philosophy of logic discussion group (schedule) hosted by European Network fo the Philosophy of Logic (EuPhilo); (iii) a reading group hosted by the Cogito Research Centre in Bologna (schedule).

The activities of the research group are co-directed by Filippo Ferrari (founder), Elke Brendel, Massimiliano Carrara, e Sebastiano Moruzzi.