BoBoPa is an online-based research cluster bringing together three research units—Bologna (Cogito), Bonn, and Padua—as well as some external units and members.

The idea is to create a friendly and productive research environment which combines a variety of different expertise, and where researchers and students can present their ideas, projects, and work-in-progress and get support and feedback.

At the moment two are the seminars organised under the aegis of the BoBoPa research group: a weekly work-in-progress seminar (schedule), and and a philosophy of logic discussion group (schedule) hosted by European Network fo the Philosophy of Logic (EuPhilo) and linked to Filippo Ferrari’s STARS@UNIPD Grant “AmpLog” and Elke Brendel and Filippo Ferrari’s DFG project “Abductive Methodology in the Philosophy of Logic”.

The activities of the research group are coordinated by Filippo Ferrari, together with Elke Brendel (Bonn), Massimiliano Carrara (Padua), e Sebastiano Moruzzi (Bologna).

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